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To bring innovation, knowledge and better performance to the business of healthcare .

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Bicgen Inc is pleased to announce the formation of an International Conference format, called the Global Engagement Network, to promote International business exchange work on  optimized healthcare results.  Executive leaders from around the world will convene to discuss and implement strategies for the business of healthcare.  The network will identify and present worldwide solutions to healthcare's most pressing problems.

Conference Format

Across the globe, healthcare faces a lot of the same issues.  Our event will  develop workgroups around specific areas of interest and allow for the sharing of solutions based on best practice performance metrics in the field.  We will focus on building a business exchange that fosters the development of real world solutions for solving common problems in healthcare delivery.    

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Global Engagement Network

Worldwide Solutions for Healthcare

We invite healthcare Executives from around the world to work on universal healthcare issues.  Our inaugural meeting will take place in Washington, DC in the fall of 2019.  Contact us for more information.  Registration information will be available soon.

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