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Gathering stakeholders from around the globe to bring best in class resources to your business. Discussions, how to implement and hard to solve problems.


The business of healthcare is about patient care. The issues of safety, security, digitization, interoperability, best practices and being all inclusive are intrinsic across the globe.  We believe that getting healthcare leaders from around the world together, we will find invaluable, best in class solutions to improve world health and the care of all populations.

It takes collaboration, a willingness to work together and share learning, plus a great forum to make this happen.  We hope you will join us.

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Bicgen Inc

Bicgen Inc is pleased to announce the formation of an International conference in membership/workgroup format, called the Global Engagement Network, to promote healthcare business exchange and work on optimized healthcare solutions.  Executive leaders from around the world will convene to discuss, publish and speak on innovative strategies and tactics.

The network will identify, publish and present worldwide solutions to healthcare's most pressing problems.  Participants will share their experiences of what has worked and what has not, to improve the business of caring for patients from multiple vantage points.

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Bicgen Inc

Across the globe, healthcare faces a lot of issues. Our members will develop solutions and case studies around specific areas of interest and allow for the sharing of resources based on best practice performance metrics in the field.  We will focus on building a business exchange that fosters the development of real world solutions for solving common and not so common problems.

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